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Kerry Catskills
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Weekly rental rates are based on a 7-night stay from Friday to Friday. Weekends are a 2-night stay -- Friday check-in and a Sunday check-out.

Number of Nights
Price Notes
$550 weekday only
$1,100 ($550 additional)
$1,650 ($550 additional)
$2,200 ($550 additional)
$2,200 Three additional nights free!









Holiday Periods: Winter Recess, Spring Break, Memorial Day Weekend, July 4th Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays

Surcharge for Holiday Periods: $50 extra per day

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Check in is at 6 p.m. Check out is 10 a.m.

A $250-500 refundable security deposit (depending on the number of days booked) is required to confirm your reservation.  We accept, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or (direct debit). The balance is due 14 days prior to arrival and will be automatically charged to your credit card.  A confirmation email will be sent to you advising you of this charge, confirming your reservations and providing important information about your stay. The deposit will be released two days after you check out.

We are reliant upon advance reservations. Accordingly, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible if your reservation will need to be changed or canceled.

If the cancellation or change is received 30 or more days prior to your arrival date, you will receive a refund of your deposit (less a 10% processing fee).

If the cancellation or change is received less than 30 days prior to your arrival date, the entire stay will be charged to your card, unless we are able to secure new reservations for your time slot.

If you fail to arrive on your confirmed arrival date, the entire amount for your stay will be charged to your card. Cancellation and no show charges are non-refundable and non-transferable. There is no refund for early departures.

RESTRICTIONS, rules and Policies

During Your Stay

1. Egress: Please take note of all means of egress in the event of an emergency.

2. Occupancy: The maximum number of sleeping occupants for each cabin is (9) nine people.

3. No Trespassing: When on the property, please take care not to trespass on adjacent properties.  There are “Posted” signs around each property.

4. Use of ATV’s Prohibited: The use of ATV, motorized dirt bikes or other motorized recreational vehicles is strictly prohibited.  Feel free to contact local ATV trail facilities in the area.  See here.

5. Discharging Firearms Prohibited: Discharging of any firearm on the property is strictly prohibited.  If you do bring firearms on the property for the purpose of off-site hunting, please make sure the firearm is unloaded and properly secured.

6. Smoking Prohibited: Smoking is prohibited inside the cabins.  There is a cigarette receptacle located on each deck.  Please do not leave cigarette buts on the property.

7. Noise Control: Please keep noise from the property to a minimum, particularly in the early morning and late hours.  While the cabins may seem far from its neighbors, noise travels far.

8. Underage Drinking and Drugs Prohibited: Underage drinking and use of any illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.

9. Use of the Fireplace: When using the fireplace, please use caution.  Make sure you open the damper so the smoke flows up the chimney.  When the fire is completely out, please close the damper. When leaving the fireplace unattended, please use the glass bi-fold doors or the screen to prevent sparks,ash or logs from leaving the fireplace.

10. No Open Burning: The enclosed chiminea on the decks are the only place permitted to start an exterior fire.  Open burning of materials or in an open fire pit is prohibited.

11. Pets: All pets must be leashed or confined while on the property.  If a pet is brought on the property, please pick up all animal waste and dispose of properly.

12. Energy Conservation: Please take care to conserve energy by turning off lights when not in use, keeping heat at an appropriate level and the damper of the fireplace closed when the fireplace is not in use.

13. Garbage and Recyclables: Please put all glass, cans and bottles in the recycle bin under the sink and bring all garbage and recyclables from the kitchen, in a sealed plastic bag, to the garbage hut outside by the deck.

Checking Out

It is appreciated if you take the following steps when vacating the property:

1. Clean out the refrigerator as you found it.

2. Make sure all garbage has been properly bagged and put in the garbage hut outside the cabin.

3. Make sure the fireplace damper is closed.

4. Lock all windows and doors.

5.  Turn out all lights.

6.  Return all keys to the lock box.